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Interview with Unleashed


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by Costas Liakos & Giorgos Tsekas

Unleashed have released their twelfth album named “Dawn of the Nine”. Metal Invader managed to have a conversation with the pioneers of Swedish death metal and give you insight on their new work, their future plans and their interpretation of the Viking way of life…

Hello guys! Hur mar du?

All good here…and thank you!

You are active 26 years. It’s a whole life! There were, really, very rough years but you still sail proudly your ship, traveling us to a fantastic trip. Your platform is the Viking tradition and values. Would you like to say some words about this?

Yes indeed we came along way from 1989. But to tell you the truth it feels like we just started. Especially when I am thinking about creating music and lyrics and also playing live. I would guess other things like family, kids and paying bills sometimes brings you the feeling of being in your 40ies so to speak haha….but I’d say we are at half time now. We started out introducing the Viking traditions and values into death metal music back in 1989 by creating “into glory ride”. And we haven’t turned away from that path one inch since. And never will.

During all these years, Unleashed represents the past, the present and the future of rebellion against falsity and injustice. Am I right? So, what do you consider false and what is injustice for you, ‘cause they’re very subjective these meanings.

You’re right. And I also think you have spent some quality time on our websiteJ Mr. Tsekas. Now, it is very subjective as to what is false and what is unjust. I think however, that most warriors who have been with us all those years know by now what we mean. In general and in the detail of things. Our platform is the Viking traditions and values. Much of what we say, do and play sprung from that. A general rule is the law of nature or the law of mother nature if you will. There are borders in life man shouldn’t cross. When we do, mother nature delivers her consequences, and they hurt.

The same goes for those who oppose us, regardless if it is at work, school or any place else. There will be consequences to their actions. If not today, the next day, or the next year. A true Viking warrior will always fight back. Literally, if someone treats you like a fool, treat him with even greater disrespect. Smite him on the other cheek ten fold.

Your 12th album, “Dawn of the Nine”, has been released on the 20th of April. What’s the history of this album?

The story of “Dawn of the Nine” takes over exactly where the previous album left of; after the song “the great battle of Odalheim”. In the cover art work you can see much of the content of the first song. Meaning the aftermath of the great battle. Obviously after such a battle there is a lot of death and destruction in the air. Great losses on both sides. A third party comes in and forces the battle to an end. (more about that on the next album) However, The Midgard Warriors gathers at the Althing to decide for the coming future. They come to a decision. To hunt down what’s left of the rule of White Christ in all of Svithiod. They will take back all that once was ours. Village by village, land by land. In the end of this album they return to the shores of the Folklands, led by their new high commander; The son of Thor. (his warriors call him “The Bolt Thrower”). It is a victorious return after a long journey across the northern lands. Still, White Christ is at large and the story of the world of Odlahiem continues on the next album.

How long did the writing, the composing and the recording of the 10 tracks of this album last (musically and lyrically speaking)?

We are always actively writing and composing, so it’s basically been in the works since the day after the last album “Odalheim” was finished. We have no set time for it, it’s just an ongoing process. Then when things have mostly grown together details are polished and that’s it.

Would you like to talk about the title of this album, “Dawn of the Nine”? What’s the meaning of it?

It is literally about the skills a warrior needs to possess to be able to make it in the future. (The nine…are the nine skills). All sprang from the nine worlds of Yggdrasil.

What would your fans expect from this release? Is it an original Unleashed album or a surprise?

It is an Unleashed album for sure. Since day one we have said that we will never abandon our style. However every album we do, we strive to exceed the one before in all ways. It’s about progressing within our own style. Bringing forth new ideas and concepts but still staying true to what we are. I think on this album especially that shows.

Who is the artist of your album’s cover? What do you think of it?

It was made by Pär Olofsson and we are extremely happy with it! He was great to work with and managed the challenging task of putting together all our ideas and making it work completely.

This one more album which recorded at Chrome Studios with Fredrik Folkare in production…

It is indeed. There’s no need to look elsewhere since he is the perfect man for the job. It would be impossible to find someone else that knows exactly what we want out of the production.

What’s Unleashed’s opinion about Christianism and religions in general? How would you analyze the phrase “The law of nature”?

Let’s for a second pretend religions mean well. OK, that’s that second right there. Now, regardless of religion, the major ones have a book they follow to the letter. A book, written some 9 billion years ago. I guess it is fair to say society changes and man changes with it. Therefore, it is impossible to think that any form of religion based upon a since long outdated book can explain the life and ordeals of man today. Religion, in any form is then just another way of finding meaning in a meaningless life for the masses.

I would say “the law of nature” is much equal to how things happen in nature. Easy things like victory are the basis of right. Or more basic things, like trying to force through something unforcable. You will be over ruled by the law of nature.

What do you think about today’s Swedish scene and its comparison with the situation that existed those old days, back to ‘90s?

It’s hard to say, it’s a completely different situation now. A lot of the old bands are still around and going strong as well as newer coming up. Difference I guess is that back in the day it was breaking new ground and at the same time basically everyone were novices. Made for a very different atmosphere I guess.

It’s sure that you know Greek bands such as Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Necromantia etc, so what’s your opinion about Greek scene?

Of course! I still have my old Rotting Christ demos! Of course times have changed there as well as here but I definitely think the scene as again, here is standing strong.

There is no doubt that Nordic countries are specialists in Death and Black Metal. Do you believe that countries like Greece, Italy etc, the Mediterranean Sea European countries, can attribute the feeling of Death and Black Metal?

Yes of course. That feeling we all share has no boundaries or borders. It comes from inside!

Before ending this interview, let me ask you a different question. As I notice, there is a reversed arithmetic progression in the songs’ number of your last four albums (“Hammer Battalion”-13 songs, “As Yggdrasil Trembles”-12, “Odalheim”-11 and “Dawn of the Nine”-10). Has that happened by chance or not?

Aha! Actually, to be honest I have never thought about that. I’m afraid to say that there are no hidden messages behind that haha! So yes, it’s completely by chance.

I will say tho, that we have since the very first album had a reoccurring thing that has been on every album since. But no one has ever thought it out, or at least commented on it. We’ll see if anyone ever does….

What are your tour plans, starting with your participation in Incineration Fest as Headliners, and of course what will be your summer tour activity?

Yes, that will in a way be the start of the battles of “Dawn of the Nine”!

As for now we are just focusing on the fests that have already been booked for summer and after that we will see what happens. But plans will be made…

Do you have any kind of plans about visiting and/or playing in Greece?

Nothing set as of yet but we definitely want to and hope that opportunity will appear soon!

The last words of this interview are yours! Thank you for your time!

Thank you for the great interview! Hope to see you and all on the road soon enough! Join the Battalion!!

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