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Interview with we.own.the.sky


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Instrumental post-rock is a quite a difficult genre for me, however we.own.the.sky with their eruptive sound, manage to fascinate you in an addictive journey with a certain route to the sky. So, we talked with the guys about their new attempt and the upcoming Friday’s live at An Club with special guests Afformance. Enjoy!

Hello there guys! Welcome to Metal Invader!

Nice to be here!

The band was formed in 2010. How much has your sound evolved since?

The differences between “Earths Collide” and “Glass/Nails EP” are quite distinctive. In time we started filtering out our ideas more and more, while we moved away from the traditional post-rock forms, emphasizing on the harsh sound. We are trying to test ourselves and evolve all the time.

What’s the story behind the name we.own.the.sky?

The name “we.own.the.sky” came about from a sticker that we saw on a fireplug, back in distant 2011, after we already had changed a bunch of other names. We liked the way it sounded and we kept it, while the dots are a completely random choice as well.

What are the difficulties one must face in Greece today in order to record an album? How difficult is it to achieve acknowledgement beyond our country’s boarders?

The difficulties for an underground band in the years of the depression are quite a few and serious ones. It takes patience, persistence and, unfortunately, money to do something worthwhile and professional. As for abroad, the internet helps so that your music is spread, however, if you want, for instance, to play in Europe, it is a difficult task, demanding sacrifices.

What do you think of the Greek audience? Has its mind broadened or do you find it to be stuck in the same old stuff…

Judging by the plethora of live shows in our country, both from native and foreign bands, as well as by the support by the fans, it seems to me that there are a lot of people hungry for all kinds of alternative music. Perhaps we are still bearing some prejudice towards domestic bands, but steps in the right direction have been made for sure.

Your Ep ‘The Glass/Nails’ was a successful experiment, which was re-released due to popular demand and sold out. After three years how do you recollect upon this work?

We are still very proud for the “Glass/Nails EP” and we still play a lot of songs from it in our gigs. Having taken the next step in our discography, our maturity in the meantime is obvious; still we look back at it with nostalgia. It was a splendid first experience for us and through it we were taught numerous things.

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Your new full length will be released this Friday, when you will be appearing live at An Club together with Afformance. How excited are you for both the release and the live show?

We are feeling enormously relieved and happy that, at last, “Earths Collide” is released. We were performing these songs live for quite a while and looking forward that they could reach the audience as studio recordings as well. Friday’s release gig will be a highlight for us, so we are preparing a lot of surprises for that night. We are very excited that we will present the record live and we want this release to be a soul deposition.

Is instrumental a difficult genre to serve at the end of the day? Did you ever think of adding vocals?

To be honest, I find it peculiar that the absence of vocals is such a “taboo” subject in the mind of so many listeners. To us, playing instrumental music just comes naturally, we never considered adding vocals; we find it unnecessary. We don’t close that door for the future, still it’s not in our imminent steps.

What are your influences and which records have you “burned” at your speakers lately?

Everyone listens to a lot of different stuff, so our influences vary from Tool and Killswitch Engage to pure post-rock bands like Caspian and Russian Circles. The records that stayed in my record player lately are:

Killswitch Engage – “Incarnate”
Brontide  “Artery”
r.roo – “Erroor”
Explosions in the Sky – “The Wilderness”
These Arms Are Snakes – “Tail Swallower and Dove”

Tell us about the experience of completing a full length work and about your decision to work with Jens Bogren. What are the difficulties of a DIY work and a more professional one?

Completing an album is a time-consuming and grinding process. It demands a lot of commitment, clear vision and appetite for work. Although we implement a DIY philosophy generally around the band, we wanted from the beginning this record to be made as professionally as it gets, at any cost. We chose Jens Bogren in the spirit of that decision, as we had a lot of faith in our songs and we had invested a lot of work hours in recording and mixing. So, the touch of a person that had been involved in producing albums of elite rock and metal bands was exactly what we needed to achieve the best result. Our decision was justified eventually.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have plans for other shows?

For now we have programmed a tour in northern Greece and we are trying to close some gigs in the rest of Greece, while in the summer we might appear in some festivals.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Close it as you wish. I hope we talk again soon and that your Friday gig is a blast!

We thank you for the interest and the support! See you this Friday at An Club. We promise to deliver an unforgettable show!

we own the sky, greece, interviews, news, 2016, post rock, instrumental

Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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