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Into the Necrosphere | File: 1999 The Apogee of Death Metal Elite Pt.1


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1999 was a very important year for the Death Metal history. The millennium is about to begin: An era that would bring many new elements on the genre, highlighted by bands that would share an important page in the book of Death Metal.

We are standing on the limb. The classic 90s sound on one side… Its evolution that is about to begin, on the other side… Both sides can be examined or re examined through albums that were released during this very last 90s year: 1999.

So yes, I decided to give praise to one of the best years of Death Metal. 1991 and 1995 was truly remarkable years but the passage to the new millennium saw some of the greatest albums made to this date. This is part 1.

In this series of articles I am going to present an amount of full length releases that I consider important and worth checking, as far as the overall Death Metal sound of this particular era. It is going be a good flashback ride. Hope that you would enjoy it.

DEEDS OF FLESH – Path Of The Weakening (Unique Leader)

A little bit of Deicide, a little bit of Immolation, a little bit of the double kicks that sound like an Apache helicopter propeller and they come up with a half hour monster capable of destroying everything. The only survivors are the cannibals of the concept history. Erik Lindmark’s team in the hoodies and beanies that have become a trademark of ULR write an opus based on the horrific story in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Dark with vicious riffs and melodies, Path of the weakening combines all the elements of the New York and Florida scene filtered through the possessed spirit of the Californian band. Many consider Trading Pieces their best but here DOF are clearly more mature and with well-balanced compositions as well as they have transformed Death Metal as it should sound in the future years. Challenging, pressing and utterly brutal with tempo changes that trap your brain.

INTERNAL BLEEDING – Driven To Conquer (Pavement Music)

Internal Bleeding freshen up their sound and their line up with members from Pyrexia, Immortal Suffering, Entorturement and the result is amazing. Lyrically they stab a huge knife into the Statue of Liberty as the music oozes rage and grooves as befits to the slam NYDM pioneers. Technically whole album, Bill Tolley gives his all (RIP) and you can’t help but break your neck with this ahead of its time record as the sound is a hybrid of Brutal Death Metal and old school Hardcore. Sharp and well-cut production at Qualitone studios with Brian Griffin from Broken Hope and brilliant hidden track with audio thanks list.

IMMOLATION – Failures For Gods (Metal Blade)

This album came out with a year delay while flyers were already circulating because of the cover and the interior artwork which is simply magical by Andreas Marshall. How to top «Here In After» and with a new drummer? And yet Immolation submit 8 great sick compositions with new ideas unique eerie passages that would be the envy of many hyper-technical groups of today. Against the modernism in 90s productions (the sound is like it was written in a damp rotten basement) but the songs are some of the best… if not the best Vigna/Wilkinson ever wrote. «Unsaved», «The Devil I Know», «Stench Of High Heaven» and of course the chorus of «No Jesus, No Beast»…. Can you hear us… Death to Jesus

check also:

Immolation – Failures For Gods


HATE ETERNAL – Conquering The Throne (Wicked World)

Suffocation has broken up and Rutan invites Cerritto to write an album that takes the genre to the extreme from all angles. Uncontainable speeds and guitars unstoppable with riffs that send you to hell and back. Chaotic solos with Mesopotamian roots and the then new Tim Yeung stabbing relentlessly. Rumour has it that Cerritto’s tracks (Nailed to Obscurity, Dethroned, Spiritual Holocaust) were meant to be the successor to «Despise the Sun» and really every time you hear them you want to smash everything around you and take the sofa and throw it out of the window. «Sacrilege of hate», «By his own degree», «Catacombs» teach you how to put Slayer and Morbid Angel on a vehicle on a cliff without brakes.

BROKEN HOPE – Grotesque Blessings (Martyr Music Group)

 The fifth album finds the band out of Metal Blade and without a drummer and bassist. So what? Broken Hope decide to make a heroic exit since the problems in their ranks are getting too big. They continue the «Loathing» experiment with difficult to digest riffs, sick harmonies and solos. Almost jazz minded Death Grind outbursts but also groovy spins. Ptacek takes his voice (or better yet his stomach) wherever he wants on the lyric patterns and Broken hope honors their pants by spitting in the face of every trendy opportunist of the scene doing what they do best. Glorifying the repulsive and creating musical terror. Big credit goes to the drummer and the 4 bassists who enrich the recording. The album closes with the sound of a needle on vinyl ending its side on the turntable.

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