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Intrinsic – Nails


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Genre: Power/Speed/Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label : Divebomb Records
Year: 2015

When my chief editor recommended Intrinsic, I asked him if it’s an old group because it reminded me something of my “era”, so I rushed into my old and dusty vinyl collection (blame technology for that) only to find out that the band’s self titled record had been released in 1987. That’s actually when I obtained the record! Unfortunately, the band never managed to attract the same success other bands of that era attracted and despite their quality in musicianship, they never succeeded in releasing “Nails” when they should. The band released an EP entitled ‘Distortion Of Perspective’ somewhere in 1990 instead. They never succeeded… until today! Divebomb Records finally released the album! Listening to “Nails” travelled me instantly to the ‘80s, when Thrash/Power Metal was flourishing and triggered nice memories from the times when authenticity and romanticism towards the Metal scene were blooming. What we’re dealing with here is an excellent old school Thrash/Power Metal effort, with bits and pieces of more modern elements, which however fit perfectly the entirety of the compositions and are executed by musicians who stand out for their experience and efficiency. Intrinsic’s stronger asset is Lee Dehmer’s vocal performance, whose variegation of vocal lines brings to our mind great singers of other bands, without however tampering with the authenticity and the music style of the band at hand. Without any second thoughts, I encourage you to pay some attention to Intrinsic, not because the memories triggered from the past are strong, but because the band actually, truly deserves it.


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