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Inverloch – Distance | Collapsed


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Genre: Doom/Death
Label: Relapse Records
Country: Australia
Year: 2016

2016 was quite full in discography from both old and new bands. Judging from the releases in the first quarter of 2016 though, the current year will be just as strong and maybe even more. Within this context we received Inverloch’s full length debut.

This Australian band was introduced first with their ‘Ep “Dusk | Subside” in 2012. That ‘Ep caused quite a sensation in the genre, so demands and expectations for “Distance | Collapsed” are quite high. With 2 members from Disembowelment in their lineup, after all they actually claim that they continue from the point the band stopped, we can not characterize them as new in the genre and our expectations are certainly even higher.

The experience and past of the band members in the specific genre is evident in their sound. If you are expecting something just slow and heavy you will be probably disappointed though. It doesn’t mean that their sound lacks heavy and slow parts. On the contrary, they have all the necessary elements of the doom/death genre, but they offer more than just that. They combine the characteristic pessimism of doom with the typical rage of death in a whole which never tires the listener. There were some points that some influence from Morbid Angel was evident, but that is not something bad, after all they are one of my favorite bands.

Usually some songs stand out in releases like this one. However that is not the case with this album. All songs are characterized by their quality, are well played and it would probably be unfair to single out any of them. Truth is that not only they do not exaggerate when they say that they are the continuation of Disembowlement, but they manage to go beyond both their old band and fantastic ‘Ep they released as Inverloch in 2012. Although it is still early and we do not know how many good albums will be released by the end of the year, I think this one will be part of my personal top 12 of 2016 and I will anxiously wait for their next release.



Angel Spiliopoulos
Angel Spiliopoulos
"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

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