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Iron Command – Play It Loud


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Colombia
Label: Independent
Year: 2014

Founded in 2011 these Colombians recorded a couple of promo-demos before unleashing their rage with Play It Loud. The female fronted band from Medellín has their musical roots planted deep in the 80’s and their rehearsal room is full of posters of bands such as Iron Maiden, Warlock, Acid, Judas Priest etc.

This release contains nine songs of heavy/speed metal and the youthful fire that burns in the hearts of these kids convinces the listener of their love for this kind of music. Apart from their young age they play pretty good, there are moments here and there in the album that promises that if they continue that way something very interesting is going to come next. Speed/thrash songs give their way to more straight heavy compositions all dressed up with the great vocals of Pola Martinez, the pounding rhythm section of Claudia Yepes (Bass), Daniel Hernandez (drums) and the sharp riffs and solos of Carolina Quiroga and Johnathan Calle. The amazing artwork pretty much captures the essence and spirit of the band’s music. Recommended songs are: ‘Power Abuse’, ‘Rush Slaves’, ‘Persecution’ and ‘Sentence’.

This is a promising first effort but they have a long way in front of them. The band is already working on new songs. Let’s see what they have to offer with the next studio album that will be released in mid-2015.


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