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Ironsword – Servants of Steel


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Genre: Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: Portugal
Label: Alma Mater Records
Year: 2020

Portugal is not the country that most people think as an established force in Heavy Metal and many when they try to connect metal and Portugal they bring in minds only Moonspell. The truth is that there’s a bond between Ironsword and Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro as the band released “Servants of Steel” through Ribeiro’s label Alma Mater Records. So what we should expect from the new album from Ironsword? The answer is the same old story and it’s something I only say with a positive tinge. Ironsword belongs to that category of bands that serve loyal the genre they love, and do not want either them or their fans to deviate from it. It’s one of these cases that the fans usually follow the band from its first steps, with a lot of passion and dedication. So the album comes to satisfy primarily those and the band’s artistic concerns. Secondly, it might even reach some new ears that they had not discovered them until now. Ironsword once again play pure Heavy Metal with epic fluctuations, as Omen and Manilla Road first communicated with the masses [check Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick’s guest in Rogues In The House]. If we want to search for modern bands that have similar sound with these Portuguese, you should definitely check Battleroar. Ironsword don’t want to sound original or to experiment, but rather want to deliver a record for all those who can feel this sound. Others probably won’t appreciate their effort or their purpose either. The underground scene needs this kind of albums,  as the epic feeling is neither easy to create nor easy to disseminate. In a few days they in Athens in order to present live “Servants of Steel”, so we will have the opportunity to hear how the new songs “work” in a live environment.


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