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John Garcia – John Garcia


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Genre: Stoner/Desert Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2014

When I heard that Garcia would release a solo album, I was a little hesitant. And that’s because his latest work with Unida and Hermano didn’t impress me so much. The voice that marked an entire genre, seemed as if it was trying to chase the former glory of Kyuss with different bands. The Kyuss Lives! Which later were called Vista Chino gave us a decent album called peace proving that Kyuss was not only the “egomaniac” Josh Homme. We are in 2014 and it has been 20 years since “Welcome tο the Sky Valley” was released.

John Garcia is now 43 years and he is presenting us finally his own personal work. The album begins with “My Mind”. A beautiful song with nice lyrics. It gives me the shivers when you hear Garcia shouting “won’t you live with alone in my mind”. “Rolling Stone” is vibrant and packed to be sung by the audience at a concert.Shit it stuck already in my mind!“The Flower” will remind us that the voice of Kyuss undergoing a second spring in life. A modern Kyuss hymn. The blues feeling of “The Blvd” built on a fine bass line will journey us to California. I am already excited! Garcia’s creativity is at its peak! It is an explosive piece in certain moments. California is about “5000 miles” away from us but I’m already there and I drink my corona beer. The next track “Confusion” will confuse us a bit actually! Garcia is experimenting giving us a psychedelic piece of music. “His bullet Energy” will bring me in mind the group of the prodigal son Josh Homme and QOTSA. It is reasonable that Garcia would be influenced by his ex-bandmate. Truth to be told he is the most influential guitarist in the genre … Somewhere here the album becomes a little dull with “Argleben”. The remedy for that is given almost immediately to us, with saddleback and all these walls. Finally the last piece is the most beautiful and with the participation of (wait for it!) ………. Robby Krieger (The Doors…yup)! One of the most beautiful moments of the album! Incredible ballad! Krieger give us another “Planet Caravan” custom made for the voice of Garcia. Ladies and gentlemen we have the best album that Garcia has released since Sloburn.



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