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Judas Priest Releases New Song ‘The Serpent And The King’


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British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST have released the official lyric video for “The Serpent And The King”, the fourth single from their upcoming studio album, “Invincible Shield”. You can check it out below.

JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford told Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1 about “The Serpent And The King”: “JUDAS PRIEST screaming heavy metal for over 50 years. The passion and the power and the love and the dedication and all the other glorious words that you can utilize into this band, JUDAS PRIEST, are just roaring in this song, ‘The Serpent And The King’. It’s just another definition of this particular style of metal, this intense, relentless, unyielding, invincible approach and love that we have in this band for this particular song. And we’ve talked about a lot of things. We’ve talked about the sinner, we’ve talked about the saints, and we’ve talked about the painkiller but we’ve never talked about God and the devil getting into the universal boxing ring, so to speak. That’s the message. We’re talking about this age-old thing that’s been going on since the universe began. It’s God, it’s the devil. It’s black and white, it’s positive, negative, it’s good, it’s evil, it’s love, it’s hate. It’s all of these different textures wrapped up into this fierce non-stop, relentless track, ‘The Serpent And The King’.”

Regarding how the themes in “The Serpent And The King” are reflective of the current time, Halford said: “This ‘Serpent And The King’ issue couldn’t be more relevant right now, man. I don’t have to talk about current topics on the news wire. But yeah, this is it. This is raging right now, this fight that’s going on. The good news is the battle always ends in the right place, which is, good overcomes evil. Love always wins. Love will always come out on top. No matter how dark, how bleak, how terrible things might be, love will come out, the light will shine, the power will reign, and humanity progresses. This is the context of all of the imagery and fantasy of ‘The Serpent And The King’.”

“Invincible Shield” will arrive on March 8, 2024 via Sony Music.

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