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Kampfar premiere new song “Fandens Trall”


Norwegian black/pagan metallers KAMPFAR have released the new song “Fandens Trall”. After “Lausdans Under Stjernene” and “Ukraft” this is already the third new track in 2022.  

Before black metal, before heavy metal, rock and delta blues, the Devil still makes you dance. Up in Hallingdal he was hidden in the shadows, playing the violin in his hand and keeping the rhythm with the hoof of his horse. Did you think you would ever stop dancing? By his mercy you would know. With the ninth Kampfar album everything goes back to our roots. Our roots are in the music of the Devil, music that we honor with this song and with “Til Klovers Takt”, the title of the album. You will dance to the rhythm of the cloven hoof. This is “Fandens Trall”:

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