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Kosmogyr – Eviternity


Genre: Black / Death Metal
Country: Prague – Czech Republic
Label: Independent / Flowing Downward
Release: March, 2018

There are bands out there that hold a very special king of magic; for me that goes with bands that were formed quietly and released just one album. At the urging of a very close friend, Kosmogyr came into my life, albeit a little late, but their one and only record played in a loop for quite some time, especially during those miserable quarantine afternoons, when you thought your mind would totally slip away. Kosmogyr, is the union of two musicians, figuratively and literally, as they unite the world: Xander Cheng, on guitars and drums, comes from Shanghai, China, while Ivan Belcic on vocals and drums comes from the European Medieval paradise – Prague. After the release of a single (“Quiescent”) in 2017, they released their first (and only so far) album in March 2018, which in fact has the special title “Eviternity”. It is a set of songs, the basis of which is the mix of Black with Death Metal, however it is given through a rather gloomy, atmospheric and deeply emotional prism, which on a permanent basis is in complete conflict with the aggressive and violent nature of compositions. In many cases we can distinguish special keys and groovy synths, along with many characteristic Post Black elements. I consider “Eviternity” to be a uniquely well-crafted album, obsessed with fluidity, thus making the ensemble both accessible and aloof. Among the very positive elements, I should include the theatrical / dramatic vocal performance, which intensifies the tension at key points of the album. On the whole, we are talking about an album that was able to combine optimism with intense melancholy, creating an environment where each of us could find shelter depending on our mood.

“Eviternity” was re-released a few months after its initial release, in July 2018, in a remixed form, during which various artists from around the world made a more electro, ambient, experimental, intelligent dance twist on the whole thing; strange, but definitely unprecedented, at least for me.

The aforementioned magic of such bands also includes moves, such as the following: In 2018, Kosmogyr participated in collaboration with Blackened Death Records, with the track “Visions” for the collection entitled “Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II”.

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