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Kvelertak Release “Endling” Lyric Video


Last Updated on 10:05 AM by Giorgos Tsekas

Norwegian Punksters KVELERTAK will release their new album “Endling” on September 8th via Rise Records / Petroleum Records.

Today, the band has shared the lyric video for the title track “Endling”. Watch below.

“Starting with a guitar hook that could have been picked up at a First Avenue show during a US tour and culminating in a QUEEN-like crescendo of harmonic guitar leads, “Endling” serves as a requiem for destroyed nature and broken human destinies from our own time,” the band says, giving a real bird’s eye view into the song. “Trusting silver-tongued modernity only ends in a trunk full of fury and unspent wealth drugged in a rut behind you on your certain journey across the river Gjöll.”

“Endling” tracklisting:

01. “Krøterveg Te Helvete”
02. “Fedrekult”
03. “Likvoke”
04. “Motsols”
05. “Døgeniktens Kvad”
06. “Endling”
07. “Skoggangr”
08. “Paranoia 297”
09. “Svart September”
10. “Morild”

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