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Lachrymose – Carpe Noctum


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Genre: Dark/Doom Metal
Country: Greece (Thessaloniki)
Label: Pure Steel Publishing
Year: 2015

Lachrymose is a new dark/doom band from Thessaloniki. They’ve been active for the last 2 years and their only release is entitled “Carpe Noctum”, a full-length album. The line-up of this recording was: Hel (vocals), Blackmass (guitars, vocals), Kerk (bass) and Mancer (drums).

“Carpe Noctum” is a dark melancholic journey into the night, where the face of horror is upon you. Blackmass, with a very infernal and devilish way, unleash the most fearsome nightmares. Guitars in combination with the obscure shadow of Kerk and the black-red feeling and passion of Mancer, who mainly follow the baseline of the rhythms, reveal the dark side of the moon. Guitars, bass and drums don’t confuse the listener with complicated and technical characteristics, but musicians play simple, without useless ideas, straight to your ears. Sometimes, they go further, playing powerful thrashing-style riffs that offer a “hard” sweet smell and a wild beauty to the whole atmosphere.

Hel, with her smooth and crystal sound, completes this beautiful fairytale. She knows how to control her voice and this is clear from the very first note. She doesn’t sing excessive things but she uses it within the bounds of the possible. In many songs, the “dead from the crypt”, Blackmass, makes his appearance by spitting the flames of hell.

But this release has two important things that they have to be mentioned. Firstly, the one and only Thomas Vikstrom is featured in one of the songs, “In A Reverie”, offering his terrific clear voice. Secondly, the man who is responsible for mixing and mastering is the great Chris Fielding (Primordial and Electric Wizard).

Generally, “Carpe Noctum” is a quite notable release. Of course, it can stand proudly to the abroad asking for respect.

Recommended Songs: “False God”, “Pinnacle of Faith”, “My Shadow (A Revelation)”, “Face of Horror” and “In a Reverie”.


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