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LAMB OF GOD: Documentary “As The Palaces Burn” now available for Rent or Download


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In 2012 a camera crew was following LAMB OF GOD to create a documentary about the band and their fans. Cool, but nothing special. However, events took a nasty turn when singer Randy Blythe was arrested for the murder of one of his fans in Czech Republic. The young fan was trying to get on stage and Blythe and a security guard pushed him back in the crowd. Unfortunately, the guy fell in the security area between crowd and stage and later succumbed to his injuries. What followed was a lengthy juridical process of several months of which Blythe spent quite some time inside prison walls. In the end Blythe’s name was cleared and he was not held responsible for the incident. The cameras kept rolling and the documentary changed into a glance behind the screens of what was going on in the LAMB OF GOD camp and how the whole situation affected the band.

The full documentary, names “As The Palaces Burn”, is now available for rent or download through the official Vimeo page. Look at the trailer below.

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