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Leather Leone – II


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Divebomb Records , High Roller Records
Year: 2018

Leather Leone is one of the greatest voices on Heavy Metal. No, I didn’t say best female voice. Her cult throat, the raw yet melodic larynx, marked the golden era of U.S. Heavy Metal, as she was blessed to work with a great composer, brilliant guitarist and implosive personality like David T. Chastain that helped her prove her abilities.  Her first solo attempt was back in 1989, entitled Shock Waves that our chief editor wrote a couple of lines in a really nice article. Now, she returns to the scene with her latest solo effort, simply titled II, via Divebomb Records (USA) and High Roller Records (Europe). Don’t judge by its poor artwork cover. And don’t forget that Leather having appeared on the classic CHASTAIN albums “Mystery Of Illusion”, “Ruler Of The Wasteland”, “The 7th Of Never”, “The Voice Of The Cult” and “For Those Who Dare” knows that every move she makes can’t change the fact that she had a career full of intensity considerably above average. Still she walks on well known paths, swimming into safe waters, following a writing formula that seems rather too familiar and too close to the Chastain years. From the ‘Ram It Down’-like opener  ‘Juggernaut’ to the closer ‘Give Me A Reason’, she offers alongside her true companions and current lineup of Vinnie Tex and Daemon Ross (guitars), Thiago Velasquez (bass), and Braulio Drummond (drums) pure Heavy Metal Holocaust! Judas Priest fans welcomed Firepower and I don’t see any reason not to do the same thing with ‘II’. Songs like ‘Lost At Midnite’, ‘Hidden In The Dark’, ‘Let Me Kneel’ and ‘Jaggernaut’ are enough reasons to buy it . Decent, strong, honest, with simple yet impressive guitar work. And above all the well aged unique voice of Leather…An Excellent Effort!!!


Sofie Vakidou
Sofie Vakidou
Shield all your fears, release all your fury

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