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Leathürbitch – Into the Night


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Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2019

Another band indulging in the 80ies Metal sound, Leathürbitch view matters from the heavy/speed metal aspect of things. Although they claim to be influenced by glam bands also, what we are dealing with here is your typical N.W.O.T.H.M. heavy/speed band. The vocals bear slight resemblance to Lizzy Borden (minus the aggression and paranoia Lizzy had in his heyday). Lethurbitch are good musicians, handling their instruments at pro level, their performance is tight and on spot. Another plus is that the production has that “warm” sound the 80ies bands had without sounding low budget. At last a band that doesn’t sound over edited. “I’m insane” is one cool track, a more laid back mid tempo one, while most of the rest of the album is on “speed dial” (if you know what I mean) and probably the best out of “Into The Night”.  Not a bad record, not at all but I’m not sure if it’ll last test of time.


Λέων Παύλου
Λέων Παύλου
Η ομάδα του Metal Invader μου έκανε την τιμή ,προτείνοντας να τους βοηθήσω, καλώς οριζοντάς με στην ομάδα του 'zine .Φυσικά δέχθηκα με χαρά μιας και ήμουν οπαδός - αναγνώστης όταν ήταν έντυπο. Ελπίζω να το σκέφτηκαν καλά και να ξέρουν τι τους περιμένει.

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