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Legendry – The Wizard And The Tower Keep


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Genre: Epic Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2019

It’s always nice to see new bands honor the bands that they weren’t alive to witness during their time of grandeur. Also, to see them embrace a genre that is considered obsolete by the majority of their peers. I’m talking about Legendry, coming to us from the US, playing Epic Metal. Although a short-lived band, they have steadfastly reach their third release, “The Wizard And The Tower Keep”. Here we have, for the first time, a complete Concept with the stories of a central hero. There were some references to the previous 2 records but they did not cover the entire LP. Legendry seem to generally excel in this style or, to say it in one word… they feel it! They are appropriately close to the style of Manilla Road and Brocas Helm but they don’t stop there. There is use of Mellotron as well as mandolin, that gives a graphically poetic character to the final result. Also, there are often times when their melodies flirt with Power Metal. I have a feeling that they’d probably go nicely with rougher vocals, not that I’m saying Vidarr’s voice is bad. Another feature of Legendry is that their releases have long compositions. Thus, listening to this record is not an easy task. But you can understand from the first listen through that there’s a nice blend of styles that serves to bring out their personal identity. They offer their own perspective on a admittedly difficult genre. From this year’s most beautiful releases.

4.5 / 6

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