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Lionheart – Welcome To The West Coast


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Genre: Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Fast Break! Records
Year: 2014

Californians Lionheart welcomes us to their places in the west coast and they present us their fourth album under the name “Welcome To The West Coast”. They are one of the most active bands of the scene within six years of presence in discography they measure 4 albums and several live appearances. Lionheart return more dynamic and mature than ever, and managed to significantly outperform themselves from the penultimate (and very good album) titled “Undisputed” (2012). “Welcome To The West Coast” is an album of pure American Hardcore. From the first until the last second, the album is run over of speed, dynamism, intensity and passion. The band’s sound is well crafted influenced once again mainly from the New York scene and bands like Madball, Hatebreed, Sick Of It All, etc. This is a great sounding album in terms of engineering and production. These very significant and sort in duration songs keep the listeners interest till the end. An album that deserves your attention!


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