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Live Report: ASPHYX w/ Special Guests: The Psalm 26.03.2016 @Eightball, Thessaloniki


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_DSC8219Last Saturday we witnessed a death metal apocalypse, a band which, like a panzer, came and devastated us, leaving us in need of at least ten sessions of psychotherapy. Asphyx in Eightball… I/we still can’t realize exactly what happened. The vast happiness that we would get to see the mighty Asphyx from up close, the patience we had to do until the live show took place (since it was announced some months ago) and the immense hard-on during the show, those feelings will not fade inside us in the near future.

Apostolis about Psalm:


I lost about 15 minutes of Psalm’s set due to my own delay, even though I was curious to watch this band. The fact that Eightball was already full of people while they were playing, as -the most suitable- support band to Asphyx, is probably saying a lot for the value of the band. So, my first encounter with the band was this Saturday. And I will try to be as less subjective as I can. The band’s sound was good and solid –that is usually the case with power trios. Psalm plays the kind of death metal that is found in two of the genre’s most influential bands, Immolation and Incantation. Slow and fast pace combinations, ritualistic parts, weird leads, vocals that vary from brutal to chanting ones etc. All that is far better than what is produced by some “couch puppies” from Goteborg. Still, I feel that The Psalm lack those intense or inspired, if you wish, parts that would make its music more convincing. The rest of the pack is solid: the aesthetic on the cover exceptional, the singer/guitarist is a vivid performer. I am waiting for their level upgrade. However, the band gained the audience’s, which was far more familiar with its music, cheer with ease. The positive feedback by Martin Van Drunen himself on stage is imo yet another great credit.

Elpida about Asphyx:

_DSC8097One of the basic characteristics that Krisis Production’s events share is consistency. Ok, besides the fact that it has presented to us great bands. As it had already warned us (and proven true), the BEAST named Asphyx hit the stage at 22:30. From the first seconds all hell broke loose. I had a LONG time to watch something as violent and intense both from the band and the crowd. At times I was just stunned, unable to react to what was happening. Should I smile in front of all this? In front of the relentless beating that took place in the front row of the crowd, which was unprecedented? It felt like giving candy to a baby or something…

Truth is I inwardly was convinced that the show would have a setback; perhaps confined setlist, perhaps bad sound or just the band in a bad day. I was, generally, anxious that something would happen and we would be left in the cold. Contrariwise, Asphyx made a professional and passionate at the same time appearance, being delirious themselves, with Martin talking non-stop with the crowd, thanking it for its presence and speaking his heart out about our country, its political/social status, the death metal scene and how we should kick the butt of the bands that play less than 90 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, the man was at no point plaguing or underwhelming us. The opposite… He made us smile and strengthened our bond with the band. From the band’s point of view, the crowd never stopped applauding, cheering, yelling out the band’s name, becoming one mass in the cruel and violent circle pits, but THIS IS DEATH METAL GODAMNIT! Asphyx incorporated the encore in the main set, as, in their own words, they hated making the crowd have to call for them to come back and finally return full of arrogance. Still the crowd would not leave! So, the band did us one last favor, returning on stage and finally closing the show with “Pages In Blood”, which the band hadn’t performed live for ages.


The setlist:

Intro (The Quest of Absurdity) + Vermin, Food for the Ignorant, The Flood, Death the Brutal Way, M.S. Bismarck, Deathhammer, We Doom You to Death, Eisenbahnmörser, Asphyx (Forgotten War), Der Landser, Wasteland of Terror, Into The Timewastes, The Rack, Scorbutics, Pages In Blood.

I rest my case here. Once again Krisis Productions offered us an unforgettable live show. Those who weren’t there, well, it’s their loss… Amazing performance, wonderful sound, great consistency and more energy than even the power plant in Ptolemaida produces. Until next time!

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