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Live Report: Decapitated / Hate / Thy Disease / Krysthla / Aκtaion at Eightball Club, 21.04.2016


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I really wanted to see Decapitated, but I came back from work late at night and headed straight for bed, thinking I don’t have to move a finger, but after a while I thought that today Decapitated had a gig in town and definitely wanted to attend it, so I picked up my pieces and headed to the venue. It was around eight o ‘clock and outside there were about a dozen of people. Somebody said that the soundcheck wasn’t over, so I went nuts, thinking I didn’t want to stay up late and definitely had no will to see the support acts, as they didn’t interest me. It was a bit chilly outside, so I and a couple of friends got into the closest open bar and had some tea, waiting for the gig to start. Like a miracle after half an hour a friend of mine called me and said that Hate had started playing, so we had some minutes to spend before decapitated would come up on stage. We quickly paid and rushed into the Eightball Club.

Decapitated live in Thessaloniki 2016

When I entered the venue, Hate were actually playing. They’re an imitation of Behemoth, with corpse painting and the like. I had never heard since they’re not my cup of tea. They made a bad impression right from the start, with their huge drum kit, that stood in front of the drum kit of Decapitated and occupied almost the entire stage. This drum kit was honestly so huge that I thought I saw before my eyes a group sex betwwen Oprimus Prime, Galvatron and the guy who handled the drums. The other three members of the band were trying to fit in the stage’s corners, playing their guitars. I’m not a fan of long tracks, so I patiently waited for their set to end, drinking a cold beer with a friend who I hadn’t seen him for a long time, while peaking at the rest of the support acts, who had just finished playing in an empty and cold venue and thought how unfair was this trick. The bands were totally irrelevant with what Decapitated stands for, they definitely did not interest any fan of Decapitated; they simply paid to be here because they could, to play along with Decapitated and for the Agency to financially walk through and they lived happily ever after. One of them was even handing out stickers of the band and was patiently asking if we saw them playing earlier, but unfortunately all the responses he got were negative. From the logo of the band it was clear that they had nothing to do with death metal. It was more like a cologne brand or something.


Once Hate finished their set and everyone offered help to dismantle that Optimus Prime meets Galvatron piece of crap in order of the stage to finally be empty, it was time for Decapitated to slap everyone in the face. The venue within a few minutes gathered about a hundred people. It all started with a simple sample that sounded from the PA and for the rest of one hour groove and violence didn’t stop for a minute. Decapitated are like Sepultura in Chaos AD swollen with the worst steroids, which have been cooked in the filthiest fucking workshop of the most retarded schizophrenic scientist. They are Pantera with a pale green Hulk transformation, a well-oiled ultrasound machine that cannot stop sweeping the place. I listened to Vogg playing guitar and listened to the drummer playing second guitar with the drums. I listened to Vogg’s solo and the drummer from behind was playing the drums as a rhythm guitar. The frontman is the definition of a professional artist, counting as a metronome, continuously moving up and down the stage, interacting with the crowd, visualizing the music and always squeaking always the right tone. Did they play their hits? Yes, of course they played their hits, but what does that matter, when in such performance all the tracks become hits; People enjoyed it, stage diving was a norm, we saw mosh pits, ass kicking and a lot of fuss. These are the gigs you have to attend; they are the ones that will stay with you forever.

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