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Live Report: Grave, Malevolent Creation w/ Soulskinner | 11.11.2015 @An Club, Athens


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The gig started with no special delay with Soulskinner, around the time when the venue, An Club, was starting to get packed. The band opened with the best possible way a night when everyone knew what to expect. From the very first moment the crowd had Soulskinner in mind, who managed to find their pace and rhythms and created the atmosphere they wanted. I watched with great interest their compositions, they way they combined their melody in their riffs with the vocals of the band, as well as the chemistry between the members, which unfolded more as time passed.

With the crowd’s warm applaud, showing that everybody had a great time, Soulskinner (after a short break due to technical reasons) left the stage for Grave to fill their shoes. With the first guitar stroke, Grave manifested their goals: to perform so excellently that no one would forget it and managed to succeed in doing it, since from the beginning until the end their dynamics were relentless. Their sound was shrill and full, with massive riffs and those who were there, responded accordingly. I personally think that their slow – tempo riffs didn’t lose anything by the sound’s volume intensity during the more extreme and faster tracks. The fact that everything that was played by their new release faced incredible response, proved that Grave want to keep to the bone their extreme sound without compromise.

Leaving the Swedish sound and heading to another continent, everything changed after Malevolent Creation appeared to show nothing less than real old school, pure and American chaos. The show had some very powerful moments. They seemed to know very well their game. The audience was already warm by the previous performances and easily breathed the air of the band, and I can easily now say that mayhem prevailed in the venue. Okay, what was played by their earlier releases recieved great appreciation from the fans. But the band didn’t seem to settle down, because the presentation of their last record was made with great majesty and confidence, as if they said, we are here and nothing has changed.

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