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Live Report: Powerwolf w/ Gloryhammer Live In Athens 29.11.2019


Last Updated on 04:26 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

Mixed feelings marked my arrival at the joint Gloryhammer/Powerwolf show, given the organizers’ awkard handling of the incoming crowd. With more than hundred people circling the block (including ahem… reporters), waiting to receive their prepaid tickets, Gloryhammer started (and completed) their performance before many of their fans even managed to get inside. Thankfully, despite this bizzare choice by the production the rest of the show got on smoothly.

Powerwolf came on stage with a bloody appetite and a plethora of ornaments, to gift us with an unforgettable live show. The kings of stylish blasphemy made sure to leave yesterday’s evening indelible in our memory with Hollywood-level set props, LED crosses and flaming pianos. Now look, let me put it this way: Powerwolf is a heavy metal band that says the words “heavy metal” a lot, if you get what I’m saying. Thus, a night full of delirious worship and brotherly outbursts was to be expected. High Priest Attila Dorn chanted and invoked the public’s contribution, and we sang every high syllable in response, with the comfort and grace of a beached whale. But we enjoyed it with heart and our soul – bellowing the band’s name at every opportunity. 

Additionally, there was no lack of a good mosh pit under the bombardment of the double kick throughout, as well as a grand wall of death to underline the start of the third encore (note the very generous duration of the performance). The sound was as great as we have come to expect from Piraeus 117 Academy, and the lighting of the show was a work of art in itself. In the end guys, what else could you want, the theatrics were there, the energy of the audience was definitely there and the night was a passionate celebration not only the gothic and epic, but of our entire culture.

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