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Live Report: Riffout, Demolition Train, Nightbreed @Remedy Club, 05.07.2015


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Is there a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than arranging a threesome with your favourite pornstars while high on drugs after a police chase and a helicopter escape? Well that would have been the plan if I hadn’t promised the bands that I would attend this live set… Anyway, I guess next Sunday will do.

Now don’t get me started on the low turnout…

Riffout appeared on stage a few minutes after 21:30 and what they mainly gave out is straightforwardness. They sync great, they are very energetic and their “get ya rocks off” attitude is exciting. Their music style is not really my thing: I sensed influences from the 90s such as late Metallica, Rage Against The Machine or even Pearl Jam but I may be a little off. I surely recommend checking them out though, they are a definite on stage delight.

An hour later, Demolition Train followed. You know how it goes: derailment all the way with Kill’em all–Diamond Head–Tank–NWoBHM–Rock’n’roll! If you’ve heard their first official release “Unleash The Hordes” then you know what I mean… “Headcrush”, “Kill Your Boss”, “All Hell Breaks Loose” together with covers of Razor’s “Take This Torch” and Sodom’s “Outbreak Of Evil” is all it takes for the ground to shake. Kudos to the bass player for singlehandedly upgrading their compositions. They did sound great, but why the hack didn’t we hear “Hell On Earth” guys? It’s my favourite!

Moving on to headliners Nightbreed. Haven’t heard of them? Please do yourself a favour and go get their self-titled album. Speed/thrash that grabs you and drags you. Nir Beer and his peers rushed on stage on a merciless outburst. Pounding wildly with their own “Pandemic” (PANDEMIIIIIC) and you–know–who’s “Victims Of State’s Power”, bruised backs and necks were a standard collateral damage. Technically their performance was very good and so was their sound, with the two guitars adding an extra twist: intricate leads combined with “mantas-tic” paranoia.

So maybe I didn’t get my threesome but I did get three bands that pounded.so.hard. Well, until next time!

Λέων Παύλου
Λέων Παύλου
Η ομάδα του Metal Invader μου έκανε την τιμή ,προτείνοντας να τους βοηθήσω, καλώς οριζοντάς με στην ομάδα του 'zine .Φυσικά δέχθηκα με χαρά μιας και ήμουν οπαδός - αναγνώστης όταν ήταν έντυπο. Ελπίζω να το σκέφτηκαν καλά και να ξέρουν τι τους περιμένει.

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