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Live Report: Zeke Live in Athens with Green Goblins and 32 Bastards @Temple 24.11.2018


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One day after the Sacral Rage, Saboter and Stygian Oath gig at the same venue we had Zeke visiting Greece for the first time in 28 plus years of existence.

At this point I must say I’m not sorry for the two elder people who asked me for information about an art exhibition they were seeking and I send them in to buy tickets for Zeke. Normally they should thank me for this once in a lifetime experience, though I didn’t see grandpa in the pit.

With a small delay, the first band that got on Temple’s stage was 32 Bastards. They need to tighten up both on stage and on their songs. But these guys are cool on stage, they did their thing and in the end they won the applause of the people who had gathered. And since they love what they do, it’s certain that we’ll hear more of them in the future. Green Goblins on the other hand started a small riot when they got on stage. Their style is closer to the headliners and their songs are made to burst out on stage. They even played a new song with the title Tyrant’s Revolt if I’m correct which was fucking awesome.

Bravo guys.

Zeke time. A real loaded, derailed freight train. They did a nice stroll throughout their entire discography while panic reigned from the first moment to the last but especially in God of GSXR, Fuck all Night, Let’s Let Drugs, Live Wire things got out of hand. Simply ass kicking. They played their songs which are already full speed a head FASTER and at some point you could tell the track only when you listened to the refrain. The whole thing exploded with people diving from the stage ending up in the middle of the venue while the moshing didn’t stop for one second.

On stage the band just killed it. They played for about 35-40 minutes which is too long concerning that their set usually ends at the half hour. That was a good thing, a little bit more of this and we would have victims. Their sound was very good (they brought their own sound guy) like in the rest of the bands and at this point I think that whatever I write for this fucking great sold out gig, will be small talk. Last but not least a huge bravo to the promoters and all the stuff of Temple.

Till the next time!

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