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Lofton – Straight Between The Eyes


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Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2017, 1986

Lofton was a hard rock band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland -established in 1982-, that have been active for almost a decade -until 1991-, when their journey in music business ended. The band was never a big name still was the opening act for many local shows when CHILDSPLAY, KIX, WRATHCHILD, L.A. GUNS, and many more visited their home city. ‘Straight Between The Eyes’ was originally released in cassette, as a mini-album and it ranks among the rarest U.S. Metal tapes of the 80’s despite the fact it is not so mainstream as the same title 1982 album from Rainbow (or so well known as Anvil’s song from 1987’s ‘Strength Of Steel’ album). Afterall this is the first time ever that the album is being officially released in CD! Lost Realm Records added 3 more songs to the 6 of the mini-album, so now we can find nine songs of pure 80’s Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, in the veins of Motley Crue’s mythical debut. This is the raw Hard Rock era of Sunset Bvd and not the poser/glam later years. The high-pitched vocals and the lyrics will travel you back to time when everything was so naïve and entertaining at the same time. The guitars are full of tense (bringing in mind ‘Live Wire’) and there’s an energetic aura and fully passionate playing by the band, still the compositions aren’t top notch or first class. Nostalgic fans of Warrior, RATT and Sound Barrier, surely will appreciate this release that besides the three never released before songs, it comes also with a 12-page booklet with song’s lyrics, rare photos and band biography written by the band’s mastermind John Lofton. As always printed in a limited edition to 500 copies.

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