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LONEWOLF: Signed up with Massacre Records; New Album this Autumn


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The history of LONEWOLF, hailing from Grenoble (France), began back in 1992. They played true heavy metal since the very beginning and soon released several demo tapes as well as a 7” and recorded even an album, which unfortunately never got released and is referred to as “the lost album”. Following a bad experience with a French label, LONEWOLF split up in 1996.

They came back in 2000, along with the demo ‘March Into The Arena’, which was re-released as the band’s debut album via Goi Music in 2001. The second album ‘Unholy Paradise’ followed two years later. ‘Made In Hell’ was released in 2008 via Eat Metal, followed by ‘The Dark Crusade’ in 2009 (via Kathargo Records/Killer Metal Records). The band’s latest albums are ‘Army Of The Damned’ (2012, Napalm Records) and ‘The Fourth And Final Horseman’ (2013, Napalm Records).

LONEWOLF’s new album ‘Cult Of Steel’ will be released in autumn 2014 via Massacre Records!
Jens Börner – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Alex Hilbert – Lead Guitar
Rikki Mannhard – Bass
Bubu Brunner – Drums

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