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Lord Fist – Green Eyleen


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Ektro Records
Year: 2015

The Finns Lord Fist deserve your attention, even if it seems excessive, due to the exceptional vocals of Perttu Koivunen… reminding me of Kevin Heybourne of Angel Witch!! Rare voice, very characteristic, fits perfectly with the music of Lord fist, formed by talented musicians and despite their young age, they seem to know very well the field they chose to create their music, even though I have the feeling that they have the ability to play any type of Heavy Metal.

Lord Fist threw me back to the years of my youth, when Heavy Metal was pure, flourishing fast, with irregular rhythms and caused the heart rate to reach 180-190 beats with every new interesting material! The album’s music is filled with power-speed-heavy metal (name them as you wish) elements, that ‘80s atmosphere, given magically through modern techniques. The music is simple, nicely built, nourishing mind and soul. The frequency of guitar timbres has the power to restore any lost harmony in the structure of the compositions. The moments I got emotional are found in the guitar parts of “Green Eyleen” and “The Well of Ganchul”. Allow me to mention (although that’s not necessary for a totally remarkable record as this one), “Power Medal”, “Road Ravens” and “Who Wants To Live Forever “.

Music is the highest form of art. Heavy Metal is quality music. Perhaps the album cover should be created accordingly.

Closing, I would like to emphasize on the positive attitude I have towards heavy metal bands from Finland, Sweden and Norway, because these countries have a classical music education, which means that they know well the field; take Lord Fist for example!


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