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Lord Vigo – Under Carpathian Sun


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Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Germany
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2015

Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf; the name of the infamous tyrant of the Carpathians, during the reign of which, many suffered and others were killed. The phrase “Only the good die young” acquires its full meaning here, since the 105 years that Vigo lived over the earth prove that no good deed goes unpunished. Vigo the torturer (one of the many nicknames given to him) was involved with magic, among other things. His last words before his gruesome death (poisoned, shot at, stabbed, hanged, beheaded and gutted …) were “Death is but a door. The time is but a window. I’ll be back.” Eventually he returned, in a sense, playing an evil role again, this time for the needs of the legendary second Ghostbusters movie of 1989…

Borrowing his name apparently fascinated by the amazing myth that surrounds it, the Germans Lord Vigo present their first record attempt which is “covered” by the heavy, dark cloak of Doom. Wise move for the band to use this particular music branch as a key pillar of creation, both because the songs are now embraced with the appropriate (concerning the themes) atmosphere, partly because the band’s members play ball in their own court, having in their biography many years of experience in this field. Despite that, after several hearings, I reached the conclusion that yes, the Germans have tried their best to create the Doom Record of the Year, however the outcome is not what they expected it to be.

Since the band’s music is closer to the classic Doom of Candlemass, with a certain “fuss” on guitars and with very few epic elements in their sound, Lord Vigo offer yet another average leveled proposal with their debut record in the field of ​​this shagged genre. Although it seems the guys worked hard on their compositions, breaking the moodiness with beautiful solo melodies, the result looks pretty banal. Only a few things stick with you while listening to “Under Carpathian Sun” and unfortunately, instead of the record growing on you each time you listen to it, it actually seems to weaken step by step. Comparing it with the records released in 2015 in the Doom genre, it is definitely weak. If they get rid of this incompatible with their style goth / horror aesthetic and stop using those recitations in almost every single song, then, yes, we may get out hopes up for a more interesting next release.




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