Lucifer’s Child – The Order


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Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Agonia Records
Year: 2018

Lucifer’s Child are, in some way, a local supergroup, consisting of members of notable bands, such as Rotting Christ, Nightfall and Karma Violens, relatively close to the first one soundwise. Their debut album came in 2015 with “Τhe Order” following up three years later. I was glad to realize that “The Order” is importantly different from “The Wiccan”, without this meaning that it they had a weak first effort, on the contrary. It just proves that they have all the potential to make a step further, even now that they are in their sophomore album and these compositions can persuade every listener about it. Where are all the differences anyway? More speed, more extreme compositions and in general, a closer-to-black-metal sound. Their melodies are reminiscent of Rotting Christ, while the structures, the atmosphere and the vibe are more similar to Behemoth, something that is only a compliment. Well-practiced musicians each with their own individual influences, yet having their own sign on every song. The lyrics intensify the musical ritual, praising Lucifer but in a more symbolic dimension. The variety of changes might be risky in the first place, but with the first listen you can see that the group is easily winning the bet, since the melodies and the epicness are perfectly combined to their black metal foundations. Another positive aspect is Marios’ non-typical or typified black metal vocals that have their own identity. I’m not sure how will their timetables work so as to make Lucifer’s Child a full-time group, but the already existent material is worth more than that.


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