Lycus – Chasms || Review & Streaming


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Genre: Funeral Doom
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2016

Funeral doom metal and slow dragging compositions are what this quartet from Oakland has to offer. They’ve been around for eight years now and after a quick search i did on the internet, i found out that all of its members are well into the local scene since each one of them is involved in a couple of bands.

Slow and super heavy music with growly vocals. Four tracks with an average duration of 10 minutes create this 44 min. album. Besides the atmosphere that i just described the band’s got some uplifting comments here and there with some choir work and cello parts that make the record sound more eerie and atmospheric. The songs also include some bursts with blast beats that blend so well giving a slightly different touch with those “black metal’ elements. This is the 2nd album of the band (with the first being released back in 2013). After getting some very good reviews, their debut caught the attention of Relapse Records. On some of the songs like “Chasms” the uplifting parts are more. I would say that they even remind me of post rock elements. Lots of different “genres” on this musical mix, either death-ly, either sick, either melodic…

It’s a very “accessible” album for my taste with a great atmosphere besides the whole deadly and swampy feel that such bands should compose.