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Magnum Opus – Tales and Parables


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Genre: Progressive/ Doom Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: –
Year: 2020

Magnum Opus is an interesting case of a newcomers’ group based in Thessaloniki, who recently released their maiden EP, “Tales and Parables” in a digital form for the moment, at least.

Through the four tracks that make “Tales and Parables” a whole, Magnum Opus show their willingness to experiment, while marrying various elements, as well as a really strong background of influences. I stand for the latter, because in this underlined EP, one observes a progressive base, dressed with elements of classical heavy metal in the guitar part, doom vocals and epic melodies that “tie” the compositions together and give them back to the listeners as a compact result. “Tales and Parables” raises a relative question about existence, life, create concerns, but mainly opens a path of great interest for Magnum Opus and their subsequent course on the stages of Thessaloniki and in the field of music in general.

As an effort, it is more than respectable. Magnum Opus was introduced to the general public in the most appropriate way they could, while in the future there seems to be a relative willingness for more experimentation, and therefore for the establishment of a more stable musical identity. Best of luck!


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