Malediction: New lyric video ‘Black Narcissus’ – The Curse Is Undead…


Last Updated on 09:48 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

A curse is a thoughtform, a combination of a thought and a strong evil feeling. If someone binds you to it, it’s hard to escape. So is Malediction, the underrated for me band from Europe who although they didn’t manage to release a full length album like their compatriots MONOLITH, they had a richer presence and they come back frequently as in 2016 with the compilation “Chronology of Distortion” and now with the new single Black Narcissus.

I met them around 1997 on the unforgettable Pantalgia compilation along with CENOTAPH (MEX), CREMATORY (SWE), GOD MACABRE (SWE) from Mangled Beyond Recognition and straight away I bought the EP “Mould of an Industrial Horizon” which captivated me with the familiar Doom Death that the Englishmen know very well how to produce with an aesthetic of medieval class and traditional power.

With 3 members from the original line-up and the drummer with whom I had a correspondence since the days of Gorerotted and Grindethic records the band has an excellent reappearance and with increased speed compared to their past. The bassist is also new where he stands out with his rattling, giving weight to the road that the quintet unfolds.

Their Death Metal is of high quality with well crafted riffs, which other times are like melodic embroideries and other times more based on seismic vibrations but also great leads. You cannot teach grandma how to suck eggs therefore respect to these old guards from UK. If you love Centinex, Vomitory or Uncanny definitely check this out!

The video is also in a professional level of photography and the visuals perfectly match the feeling of the lyrics and it was done by Portuguese Daniel Pedro.The new EP “The Soil Throne” is released in November 2023 on 12 vinyl and CD via Cosmic Key Creations and on cassette via Macho Records.

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