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Mandragore: ‘Aylan’ lyric video


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Mandragore is a symphonic metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band started in early 2011 as an idea. Three years later, fall of 2014 and after several line-up changes, Mandragore was born and took it’s current form. Mandragore music is a combination of dynamic female vocals, along with orchestral and folk parts, melodic guitar solos and airy vocalises.

On July 27, 2015 Mandragore released their debut demo-album “A Way Back There”. The demo contains three songs; “Winter’s Grey”, “One Thousand Stars” and the self-titled song “A Way Back There”. The band released a single called “Aylan” on 5th of March, 2016. The song took it’s name after Aylan, a three-year old boy, who found lying lifeless on a shore in Turkey. The single is dedicated to Aylan himself and to all those people who lost their lives trying to escape to a new life. The band is currently working on it’s full-lenth album.

Band Members:
Elissophie Davli: Vocals
John Zagkotsis: Guitar
Makriniotis Konstantinos: Keyboards
Alex Karagiorgis: Bass
Vaggelis Karafotis: Drums

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mandragoreofficial/
Bandcamp page: https://mandragoreofficial.bandcamp.com/

Giorgos Athanasiou
Giorgos Athanasiou
I love you, I love you more than Jesus!

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