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Maplerun – Partykrasher


Genre: Alternative Metal,Rock,Nu Metal
Country: Ελλάδα
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Year: 2017

I have to be honest. I had never heard of this band before until they were announced as the main support for the greek Blaze Bayley tour, even though they have achieved great things so far.

Even though they’ve been around since 2007, their vibes remind me of a young band who has just graduated highschool and are ready to conquer the worlds’ stages. Their music combines a lot of types. Vocally, a little bit of James Hetfield, musically from Godsmack to System of a Down, to Alice In Chains and Drowing Pool. “Partykrasher” is their first full length release.

When “DIY” starts, all calendars go back to early 2000. Greatly powerful kick off, which reminds us of SOAD. With “Keep on staring” and “When you’re down”, a great amount of groove kicks in and the album is getting higher and higher until it explodes with “Partybomb”, while the whole situation is reminding me of Pantera with “Replace me” and “Krash”.

The album slowlly goess off with the personal favorite “Remedy”. The band without having another full length release on their backpacks, have already been part of great tours with “Shadow Gallery”, have appeared to the Greek TV show “Radio Arvyla” and one of their singles has been included in a videogame OST.

The love and passion of the boys on their music is easily discriminated on “Partykrasher”, which is a shoutout to all late 90’s and early 00’s nostalgic fans, however not that specifically. With so many influences, it can actually be easy listening to even the most demanting listener.



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