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Martyrdöd: “Cashless Society” single premiere


Last Updated on 10:44 AM by Giorgos Tsekas

Swedish crust metal punks MARTYRDÖDhave released “Cashless Society,” the first single from their impending seventh studio album, Hexhammaren, which is set for release through Southern Lord on May 10th in North America and May 25th in the rest of the World.

Hexhammaren Track Listing:

  1. Hexhammaren
  2. Rännilar
  3. Helveteslarm
  4. War On Peace
  5. Bait And Switch
  6. Nästa Syrien
  7. Cashless Society
  8. In The Dead Of Night
  9. Den Sista Striden
  10. Pharmacepticon
  11. Judgement Day
  12. Sthlm Syndrom

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