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Mass Infection – For I Am Genocide


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Comatose Music
Year: 2014

“For I Am Genocide” is the third full length album from the Greek death metal band Mass Infection and the successor of their second great album “The Age of Recreation”. Well, this album consists of 9 songs with many variations in it. If someone has checked Mass Infection in the past he/she would probably say that they have now their own style in their music. There is a great variation between those riffs, with many outbreaks in each and every moment that you need to headbang, very hard! The drumming throughout the album is killing, blasts in the right place and  in the right time and an underworld double kick drumming. The vocals are overwhelmingly brutal as it should be! This is definitely a great album that someone who wants to listen to death metal,should check. Nick is on the guitars, George S. on guitars and vocals,Victor on bass and George T. on the drums. Songs that I liked most in this album are: Praised by All Entities, The Scourge of Living Forms, Beholding the Throne,Maelstrom of Endless Suffering and Beyond Perpetuation.


Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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