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Mausoleum Gate – Mausoleum Gate


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Genre: Heavy metal
Country: Finland
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Year: 2014

I fucking love it when a band like Mausoleum Gate comes out of nowhere and plays exactly the kind of Metal you live and breathe for! Hailing from Finland these guys have been around since 2009 and this is their first full length effort after a demo and a single.

Musically the band moves around the late 70’s to the early 80’s. Imagine a mixture of Cirith Ungol, UFO and the first periods of Manilla Road and Riot, with the vocal theatricality of Uriah Heep! Make no mistake, Mausoleum Gate is not another obscure copycat band, their strong personality that flows through the compositions is what makes the record sound so authentic.

The organ intro with the evil loughs warns the listener of what is coming. ‘Magic Of TheGipsy Queen’ enters with a massive guitar riff. Some use of keyboards is present here and there to stimulate the atmosphere of the track(in almost every song of the album, always in the right way, not blabbering solo progressive bullshit) and the great guitar solos near the end summarize the first song of the album! ‘Demon Droid’ follows in a more straight hard and heavy vibe. Great track with dynamic chorus and some of the best guitar leads around. The work of Count LaFey and Kasperi Puranen on guitars is so god damn good! The slow paced ‘Lost Beyond TheSun’ is the first long lasting opus of the album. Slowly scaling into heavy metal perfection leaving the guitars to do their own thing in a 3 minute orgy from the middle to the end of the song! ‘Mercenaries Of Steel’ could easily be a part of the first three Riot albums. Great fast tune with a beautiful mellotronbreak at the end! The atmosphere is getting evil in ‘There Must Be Demons’. Another magnificent track with a bluesy break towards the end. The almost 12 minute track ‘Mausoleum Gate’ is the last song of the album and in my opinion their best and most epic moment. V-P Varpula’s vocal rendering brings chills down your spine and again the guitar solos are just wonderful.

The use of Mellotron and Organ gives a spooky and nightmarish status to the songs that blends greatly with the occult and hellish lyrics. Honestly there isn’t a single moment of mediocrity here. Doomy and atmospheric where needed, robust rhythm section, straight face metallic riffing and the most important thing, loud solos, lots of them! All done with the right sound and production.

Mausoleum Gate easily gets a place in my top 5 for 2014! The guys in Cruz del sur know about great music and they have proven it many times. The album will be released on October 10th in Europe and October 7th in USA, on compact disc, limited gatefold vinyl and digital. The Mausoleum Gates have opened, step forward, if you dare!


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