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Max Cavalera’s GO AHEAD AND DIE Release “Desert Carnage” Animated Lyric Video


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Arizona Death-crusters GO AHEAD AND DIE will deliver their caustic sophomore album “Unhealthy Mechanisms” on October 20th via Nuclear Blast Records.

A torrential whirlwind born from the livid minds of Igor Amadeus Cavalera (HEALING MAGIC) and Max Cavalera (SOULFLYCAVALERA CONSPIRACY). This new installment to the band’s dystopian catalog is a fresh dive into the madness of society and the pollution that ravages our minds.

“Desert Carnage” is the pummeling opener to “Unhealthy Mechanisms”. Brainchild of Igor Amadeus Cavalera, this track takes listeners on a fiery journey through an apocalyptic desert inspired by their home state of Arizona. Check out the frantic single that encompasses some of Igor‘s best riffs on the album.

Igor Amadeus Cavalera comments, “Desert Carnage” is a blistering fast song that is as scorching hot as the Sonoran desert itself. The barbaric theme of the song stems from the cruelness and inhospitable terrain of the desert, as desolate and unkind as a place can be.”

“Unhealthy Mechanisms” tracklisting:

01. Desert Carnage”
02. Split Scalp”
03. Tumors
04. Drug-O-Cop”
05. No Easy Way Out”
06. M.D.A. (Most Dangerous Animal)”
07. Chasm”
08. Cyber Slavery”
09. Blast Zone”
10. Unhealthy Mechanisms”

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