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Megaton Sword- Might & Power


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Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Release date: February 24th 2023

Formed in 2018, Switzerland’s epic heavy metallers, Megaton Sword, after their glorious debut album, “Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire”, that was released in 2020, are about to spread out some missing epicness right on the dawn of the new year. Loyal to the mystery of steel, the band follows the path of their previous work and calls us to join them on a pure epic heavy metal battlefield. Heavy riffing and loud/ steady guitars stand out and bark out confidence. With a charismatic lineup and a heavy metal attitude the band shows what is made of by releasing such an album. So “Might & Power”, a perfect title to sum up what exactly we ‘re about to witness. Power not in a speed way but in quality means, and mighty true-as-steel heavy Metal. Enduring themes of conquest and valor, triumph and tragedy, while stretching their sturdy sound in directions more dynamic and extreme. Wielding all their weapons effortlessly, mates Uzzy Unchained (Vocals), Chris The Axe (Guitars), Simon The Sorcerer (Bass), Dan Thundersteel (Drums), and last but not least Seth Angel (Guitars), do a fantastic job and conquer us by the first tune of “The Raving Light of Day”. Great moments of the album are “Power”, “All Wicked Schemes Unite”, and “Might”. Overall, the integration of softer, rock-oriented textures comes with an exciting, unexpected rude force. High quality recording, and wide thematology covering the drama is windswept but undeniably human, in all its myriad hues. Megaton Sword keep their swords high and they are marching once again for battle calling us all. Very nice work from the Swiss, welcome 2023!

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