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MeinhoF – Endless War


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Genre: D-Beat/Crust
Country: England
Label: NIKT NIC NIE WIE (Poland) / Deviance (France)

Meinhof; probably the most special name in the field of crust punk. It’s a three piece band that has its basis in London; however the band members do not originate from it. The band was formed ten years ago and its members were formerly active in other punk/crust bands during the 90s. This is the fifth album of Meinhof, witholding the style of the previous releases; extreme d-beat with fierce female vocals that clearly stand out form the lot.

That’s the problem i got with the crust band nowadays. There are so many acts in the field that share amazingly common elements that makes it hard to distinguish which is which. The identity of most bands is lost. Meinhof on the other hand have managed to create their own sound, making you understand who they are just by listening to a few seconds of their music. Especially when the vocals kick in, the oath is sealed. ”Endless War” features ten tracks and was released via the Polish label NIKT NIC NIE WIE records in collaboration with the French label Deviance records.

The productions kicks ass and it was handled in a squad in Poland. Is there anything better than a band which was born in a squad to record its record in it? A few years ago, the members of the band had created the band Unfixed that moved towards punkier paths and put Meinhof aside, a decision that clearly was withdrawn. Unfixed are over and Meinhof make a dynamic comeback!

The devotees of the genre should support the band and should you got the chance, attend the band’s gigs without second thoughts! I can hardly wait for their next gigi, even though i’ve already seen them five times.



Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
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