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Menace – Cosmic Conspiracy


Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label : Eat Metal Records
Year: 2014

Two years ago a friend passed me the “Mentally Ill” demo of these Cretan thrashers, telling me to check them out, they are indeed good etc. It did not happen due to oblivion and that was probably a good thing because now I could get myself ready for the thrash metal storm that “Cosmic Conspiracy” derives, and it wouldn’t be the (so far) surprise album of 2014. 2009 was the last time when I listened to a Greek thrash metal album of equal standards (Mentally Defiled – Thrash Brigade).

I consider Menace as a rising band within the Greek thrash scene. They can not only excellently combine both American and German thrash school (bands like Sacred Reich/Whiplash & Destruction) but they have added speed metal stuff as well making their music more interesting. Lovely guitar riffs, wonderful bass lines, superb drumming and passionate vocals characterize the album. Not to mention the Bay Ares solos. They are not monotonous or repeating themselves and the flow is remarkable. It is certainly not revolutionary but it does sound so fresh! The energy and the passion speak for themselves. All tracks remain at a high level so it is hard to name one as a standout. Another quality release from Eat Metal Records, which US power/speed metal fans could also find appealing. The CD edition would soon be followed by a vinyl one.


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