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Mephorash – 1557 Rites of Nullification


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Odium Records
Year: 2015

Mainly, Sweden is the country of Death and Black Metal, offering so many notable bands. One of them is called Mephorash and is coming from Uppsala. Mephorash boarded successfully on the train of Black Metal 6 years ago and is so devoted to this kind of music. They have already released three full-length albums, one Split with Ashencult and one EP. Their last recording is “1557-Rites of Nullification”, which includes 4 tracks of 43 minutes overall. On this release the line-up is: Mishbar Bovmeph, Mashkelah M’ralaa, Ayram Etaumiel and N. Tengner.

When a recording starts with the names of the following demons, fallen angels, creatures and goddesses, such as Tzalemoth, Titahion, Shaarimrath, Azazel, Behemoth, Belphegor, Sodasi, Matangi and Bagalamukhi, then anyone can imagine what is going to happen. Yes, a terrific release is out for order.

Musically, the black metal characteristics are identified from the very first note. Guitars full of black and chaotic elements dress up all four tracks. Black blasts are turned into doomy rhythms without losing the base of extreme metal. The bass is in front of the opened gates of the void, unleashing the dark fire of hell. There is a great combination between the atmospheric moments and the rest music and of course the dark feelings of cold melodies remain the same.

There are some guest vocalists, such as Deacon D. (additional), Kostas Koudnouses in track 3 and Omega A.D. in track 4. Lyrical themes are about Misanthropy, Occultism and Qliphoth. Someone asked them for lyrics and they answer: «You have to use the book “The explicit name of Lucifer” and the grimoire “Rites of Nullification” to decipher them yourself.».

Generally, the intro, the atmosphere, the aggression and the blasphemy are blended perfectly. The “1557-Rites of Nullification” is more mature than previous releases and this is clearly not only from music but also from lyrics, artwork and many other things. It’s sure that Mephorash can compose great music and have a lot of things to offer in the future.


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