Metallica Response To The “Master Of Puppets” Scene In Stranger Things


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Every publicity is welcome when you are in music industry, even if you are a band -or a brand- like Metallica. Still Stranger Things is really doing it for them. The band’s 1986 masterpiece “Master of Puppets” was featured in a very epic scene of Stranger Things Season 4 and immediately shot to the top of both Spotify’s Top Tracks of the week and Apple’s iTunes Top 10 Song Charts.

Crushed Monocle Podcast brilliantly made a funny joke about it, yet the fact is that Metallica had gained a great amount of popularity out of nowhere, and we liked the way they react about it.


Metallica has also used their (larger than usual) limelight to say that everyone is welcome in metal and that “all of you started at ground zero at one point in time” in repose to fans trying to gatekeep metal music from those trying to get into the genre.

Now the whole thing has come full circle. Metallica has posted a video of themselves rocking out to Stranger Things character Eddie Munson rocking out to Metallica, and they look like they’re having a blast! It also helps that they’ve got the same Hellfire Club shirts that Munson wears in the show, because hey – if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Even before MetallicaStranger Things was making tons of headlines thanks to Joseph Quinn’s zany metalhead character Eddie MunsonMunson’s Dio jacket came from Dio’s own personal collection, and previously, Quinn—who is also a guitarist—explained how listening to heavy metal helped shape the character. And then there’s villain Vecna actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who listened to a lot of Sunn O))) and Darkthrone to get into the evil of the role.

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