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Midas – Midas


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Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2022

Equal parts of pure Heavy Metal and catchy Hard Rock with brave doses of Thin Lizzy influences and 80’s Swedish melody and vibe may refer to many bands out there. But it’s the only way to describe Midas debut. Midas that is the result of the union of two Hard Rock bands that hail from Detroit, Michigan U.S.A, the Motor City that has an enormous history in Rock ‘n Roll for over 60 years with Alice Cooper, The MC5, Iggy and the Stooges and The Bob Seger System, collected their demo recordings in 2020 and released the “Demo Tapes” (which actually is a combo featuring “Solid Gold Heavy Metal” demo from 2019 and “Still Hungry” EP from the same year) which made quite an impact two years ago. So now it was the proper time to release their debut full length. Midas seems to lack inspiration only when it comes to name their debut LP as everything besides that, the self-titled record is a triumph! 70’s and 80’s classic metal sound has a plethora of bands that praise its glory and tributes its era legacy and Midas can be counted on the ones that do it perfectly. You can also hear an epic feeling and a Heavy Load essence or even an early Iron Maiden hint. Despite the fact that the album has two faces or two sides as a Heavy Metal approaching in half songs and a Hard Rock approaching on the other half, still the final result is brilliant. Great riffs and guitar solos flows so easily as the records spins and the catchy parts create instant classics .Well with a record like this Midas honor their name of the king of Phrygia. For those who aren’t aware of Hellenic mythology Midas was known for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. And Detroit’s Midas quartet created an amalgam of the golden years of Heavy Metal not just a vintage retro album. Definitely check it out! The debut full-length album “Midas” is available on CD, LP black, LP gold limited to 100 copies. Highlights: “Slaves To The Night”, “Break The Chains” and “Golden Chariots”.

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