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Midnight Spell – Sky Destroyer


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Iron Oxide Records / Lost Realm Records
Year: 2021

“Florida will never disappoint you”, I heard once, -don’t remember where though- and that words may be right, however this is the second band from Florida that comes to my speakers in a very short time – Midnight Spell and Incursion (with their rebooting album now via No Remorse, about which I may write something in the future).

I had heard “Between the Eyes”, the 2019’s demo it rather fleetingly, but I had definitely placed the band on the “keep an eye and check later” list. The debut justifies my move since it is definitely worth mentioning and listening to, which is why I am sitting down and writing to you right now about it.

In “Sky Destroyer” you will hear classic Heavy Metal, cut and sewn in the 80s trends that dominated the States at the time, but with many references to the new American bands that have been set to assimilate the European 80s classic Metal sound. America with a little bit of Europe, or in a few simple words, plenty straight into the point or straight into your face if you want, riffing, which is the main component of the material.

No track is adorned with lead guitar themes or extra melodies -except for the actual solos of course-, so the riffing is called to make the songs shine. That’s where the voice comes in, which gives the tracks extra melody injections with catchy lines. And while there is a very beautiful tone that evokes exotic 80s Metal epics, and while the singer handles his range correctly, there is a somewhat black spot: the often pointless use of high-pitched vocals – which interpretively often touch on exaggeration -.

In general, such parts can really work well, emphasizing if they put in the right places, but here somehow the band lost it several times. Otherwise the vocals are –still- the strongest card of the album without a second thought.

Not that the guitars lag behind, as we’ve mentioned before the riffing is fine, and the solos are well done and as it should be, as for the rhythmic section of the record, when you have Brian Wilson behind the drum kit threshing, you know that everything will be fine. After all, the guy has traveled miles, from Enforcer to Malmsteen and a bunch of other schemes. Here in fact it seems to be in his favorite music genre; classic Metal.

We are dealing with great songwriting, as surely you will play over and over again many of the songs you will hear in this album, or even you will sing the chorus softly later. The band plays ball mainly at fast speeds, yet having several mid tempo moments here and there. Many times, however, I feel that the tracks follow the same “form”, but ok, guys play classic Metal, Mr. Papadakis, please concentrate yourself.

I think my job for the Midnight Spell debut is done; I said what I had to say. If you like Americans who have discovered riffing Europe, if you like Enforcer and if you like bands with “tough” names, here’s your album. “Sky Destroyer” is out in digital format by the band, Iron Oxide released the CD and cassette, and it also comes on vinyl via Lost Realm Records.

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