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Minas Morgul – Kult


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Trollzorn Records
Release: 01/12/2017

While I was trying to find out the extreme metal albums that had slipped through my fingers since I was working in hectic rhythms the last year, I stumbled upon Minas Morgul, who in the end of 2017 had released their sixth full length, entitled “Kult”. The album is consisted of 10 tracks lasting 48 minutes and with its lyrics written in German. “Kult” is basically a Black Metal album, whose main characteristics are speed, a few keyboards and the balance between melody and more straight-forwardstructures. The band does not fall far from the path they’ve already paved, so they are doing what their best at. While in terms of musicianship and composition Minas Morgul carry a certain amount of “filth”, the production of the album is crystal clear. I noticed the nice sequence between their structures, while the instruments complement each other so that one does not overlap the other. Blastbeats and tremolos weave a fairly ominous web. As far as vocals are concerned, they are mostly rough and wild, like wolves wailing in the night, while there are several moments where the vocals become clearer, just enough to make the whole thing more interesting. In their faster parts, the band wakes your warmonger attitude, while when the rhythms are loosened, Minas Morgul are more atmospheric. Although the album carries a sense of “epicness” with its pompous compositions, its heavy (and perhaps paganly rushed) music, in the most atmospheric moments and especially when female doom vocals make their appearance, Minas Morgul show us their other face. Despite the generic essence of the title “Kult”, the content is quite interesting, so give it a chance. I think this album was the best way for the band to celebrate their 20 years in the field.

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