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Misþyrming – Með Hamri


Genre: Black Metal
Country: Iceland
Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Year: 2022

Misþyrming’s third album, ‘Með Hamri’, artwork cover (painted by Manuel Tinnemans, who also supplied the artwork for 2019’s ‘Algleymi’) shows a building with a fence in front of it proclaiming the listener ‘that you cannot enter’. And from the very first note of the opening song ‘Með Hamri’, the intention of the Icelanders are clear; Their Black Metal is arrogant, unwelcoming, not friendly towards a guest or new listeners that don’t follow the same cast of mind or principles. The album is already out (it was due for release by Norma Evangelium Diaboli on December 16, 2022) and once again, it was both engineered and mixed by D.G. himself. Let me remind to those who don’t that the band recorded “Algleymi” (2019) one of the coolest albums that Black Metal offered us in the last decade, was recorded twice because the first attempt was a failure according to D.G.. Now they followed a straightforward attempt and recorded the album on live environment, and as a result the album has a raw beauty, a scraggly surface in complete contrast with their previous aforementioned effort ‘Algleymi’ ,that was grandiose, with very big and clean sounding.‘Með Hamri’ is the first record without Misþyrming’s original drummer, H.R.H. Two months before recordings started, D.G. brought in M.S. who was in Svartidauði from their beginning until their recent demise. The line-up also features on guitars T.Í and D.G (also in vocal duties) performances and G.E. on bass. The new LP is full of distortion; D.G.’s signature snarling howls, a plethora of frenetic leads, a nihilistic aura and haunting orchestrations , based on an 80’s sound blended with 00’s ritual black metal along with noise/ambient here and there. The dark narration isn’t majestic but Misþyrming never sounded more vibrant, livelier and more confrontational, if not more more dangerous than ever. The lyrics are full of metaphors and allegories, while all verses are written and sung in Icelandic, but there are English translations in the booklet to help you get the meaning of them. In the band’s own words: ‘Authentic and genuine, entirely devoid of gimmicks, Með hamri is a celebration of violence and excess. Arrogant, vitriolic, and with contemptuous disregard for your every sensibility, this album is our statement against all that is false and vain in today’s underground scene. With the timeless values of true metal woven into its very fabric – unironic and unapologetic – this is the Devil’s music made manifest. There is plenty of room for nuance and subtlety in Black Metal, but the hammer leaves no room for interpretation.’

Won’t need much from us to be added…

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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