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Monster Magnet – Milking the Stars


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Genre: Hard Rock/Space Rock/Stoner Metal
Country: United States
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2014

When I first saw the term “reimagining” in the title of the new album from Monster Magnet I was quite skeptical. Mister Wyndorf and his company decided to re-record their last album Las Patrol! You would think immediately that this decision is driven by lack of inspiration or by commercial purposes but this is not a simple re-recording and a simple remaster. The main idea and purpose of Wyndorf is getting the Last Patrol album and make it sound as if it was recorded literally at the 70s. Six pieces come from the Last Patrol and we have 4 new songs. Some tracks are not far from authentic while others have changed drastically.

The album begins with “Let the circus burn” which is reminiscent of the early work and comes with a space psychedelic mood. The “Mindless ones” is remade with more keys giving us a retro aesthetic. The “No Paradise for me” has become more moody and will remind us even ¨The Doors¨ in this implementation (as an another “Riders on the Storm” track). The “End of Time” will not change much with the exception of adding keys. The new title track “Milking the Stars” with its repetitive riff will built up gradually and by the end our travelers will end up saying “Hellelujah”. Fuzzy southern rock hymn? Hell yeah! The “I live behind the clouds” is pretty much like the original. To “Goliath returns” is a recurring orchestral doom passage that leads us to a “Sad” performance of Stay Tuned. The album arrives easily and beautifully in the final “The duke”.

Generally most re-recordings fail. But The “Milking the Stars” seems like a successful experiment. Monster Magnet succeed to sound like an experimental 70’s band from the orchestrations to the production. The record is easily heard from the beginning to the end and is one of the best and most mature work of Monster Magnet. Enjoy!


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