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Monstrosity – The Passage Of Existence


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Genre: Death metal
Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2018

While being active since 1990, the death metal legends from Florida, Monstrosity are back with their sixth album called “The Passage of Existence”. It’s been eleven years since their last strike (“Spiritual Apocalypse”), which, although enjoyable, wasn’t at the same level as their first three colossal albums.

More than a decade in the awaiting, and then comes the band’s new release; in my opinion, when a band takes that long, expectations get naturally higher. Does Monstrosity meet these expectations? Let’s see … The opening track, “Cosmic Pandemia”, is a great mid-tempo song with amazing vocals (I personal believe that vocals is the highlight of the album); then comes “Kingdom of Fire”, where you could hear an amazing melodic solo as the album’s speed is increasing. ”Radiated” is one of the album’s fastest songs, making clever use of blast-beats- as is also the case with “Solar Vacuum” , “Eyes Upon the Abyss” and “The Hive” (with another great lead). “The Proselygeist” is another mid tempo song with excellent groove. “Maelstrom” , “Century” and “Slaves to the Evermore” do not escape from what Monstrosity has teach us over the years either. In my eyes, the band has placed some high standards and they are trying their best to reach them – without being excessive through or trying to experiment. The sound production is really great and the artwork is interesting to say the least.

“The Passage of Existence” is definitely a good album but considering how long it has been since its predecessor, I believe some die-hard fans (including me) may be a bit disappointed. I like the album, but I personally expected something more; since many bands of the same caliber have managed to release great albums (Obituary, Morbid Angel, Deicide ect.).


Kostas Analytis
Kostas Analytis
Being a heavy metal fan for almost 20 years, owner of "Chaos & Hell Prod." distro and also vocalist and bassist to ABYSSUS, I became part of this family to share my passion for hard music with you! Οπαδός του heavy metal εδώ και περίπου 20 χρόνια, ιδιοκτήτης του distro "Chaos & Hell Prod." και επίσης τραγουδιστής/μπασίστας στους ABYSSUS, έγινα μέλος αυτής της οικογένειας να μοιραστώ το πάθος μου γι αυτή τη μουσική μαζί σας.

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