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Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Silver Lining Music
Year: 2017

It’s a great moment and with a great honour I am going to review this album for that band! Especially when I think that 20 years ago Metal Invader as a printed magazine was featuring the latest album of Morbid Angel back then. Let’s carry on with the intro though and get straight to the point! Huge band, big return, new members… One of the most important death metal acts in the chronicles of music that have inspired thousands and have created new musical structures on this particular genre. It took them 6 years to come back from Illum Divinum Insanus which also took them 8 years since Heretic. To tell the truth, somewhere after the release of Gateways To Annihilation, I lost my interest. Even though the band experimented thoroughly and was hovering into “uncertainty” according to a lot of people, now at the end of 2017 they present us: Kingdoms Disdained.I was a little bit sceptical when the editor in chief send me this album in my inbox since it was the last one for me for this year and from the mixed reviews on the web, I wasn’t sure on how to approach it. I listened to 2 songs online, one of which surprised me a lot positively and the second one left me completely uninterested. Alas, this album is surprising me more and more the more I listen to it, yes it is a clear (even classic, if I can say that) Morbid Angel album. The only thing you’ll find here is fucking good songs like: Piles of Little Arms, Garden of Disdain, Righteous Voice, For No Master, From the Hands of Kings. Of course there are experimentations again. The mix brings the drums too much forward and I didn’t quite like their “plastic” touch. Regardless their sound Scot Fuller is doing a great job here maintaining the classic Morbid Angel drumming with all of the bands characteristics. The guitars are in their well known paranoid style with the classic Morbid Angel solos and Steve’s voice is now better than ever! I believe that this time Trey really shone on this release and he is “holding” the structure to the whole album thanks to his guitar work. There are also 2 filler tracks that do not really have any sense of existence in the album and for me they are not needed (Declaring New Law, Architect and Iconoclast). I am very happy with this release and because it also surpassed my expectation by lots! This album is just fucking awesome and is putting the band back to the top confounding whatever mixed comments that have been said or written during the last releases. The album is easily amongst the best of the year!


Thrash, Mosh, Beer!

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